Lost Wings

When Richard Eastman, a down-and-out veteran of the Gulf War, defends an injured woman with strange injuries on her shoulder blades, he finds himself battling an unexpected enemy — the devil. Hellish minions cut off the wings of the woman — the angel Avesta. But if she’s an angel, where is God and why won’t he help? With little to go on but his wits and experience (and what he can remember from Catholic school), Richard takes on a new mission: save the angel or die trying. But to do that, he must descend into Hell, confront the demons and the damned who exist there — as well as those from his own life — and ultimately fight Lucifer. He knows he can’t accomplish his mission alone, but who can he trust in Hell? Yet, if Richard fails, Lucifer will breed a new race of beings with the stolen angel. If that happens, all hell could break loose.

Billy Bobble and the Witch Hunt

Billy Bobble Final EbookBilly Bobble and the Witch Hunt, by R.S. Mellette; released September 9, 2016. Available now for Kindle, and in paperback.

For Billy Bobble and his best friend Suzy Quinofski, it’s hard enough to be thirteen in high school without having to fight evil at every turn, but it’s even harder to do that while trying to get their memory back from a magic spell cast by a villainous physics teacher. Even without their memories, Billy and Suzy know something is not right. Their textbooks have been changed, their parents aren’t acting right, their teachers are afraid, and Billy and Suzy are in each other’s dreams. But when their history teacher is fired during class for answering a question from their dreams, Billy and Suzy get their memories back. Soon they realize that evil has been unleashed upon the human race, and only the two of them, their friends, and their families can stop it.

Billy Bobble Makes a Magic Wand

Billy BobbleBilly Bobble Makes a Magic Wand by R.S. Mellette; published in December 2014. Twelve-year-old Billy Bobble and his best friend Suzy Quinofski didn’t mean to change the universe. Billy, a quantum physics prodigy, just wanted to find a way to help his hoarding, schizophrenic mother – and maybe impress a coven of older girls in high school. Suzy, his intellectual equal, wanted to help her friend and cling to her last remnant of childhood, a belief in magic. Together they made Billy a real, working, magic wand, and opened a door to the Quantum World where thoughts create reality, and all things – good and bad – are possible. For Kindle, via Amazon.

Battery Brothers

battery brothersBattery Brothers, by Steven Carman; released March 30, 2014. Available now for Kindle, and in paperback. “Friday Night Lights meets baseball in this edgy coming-of-age story about overcoming adversity and personal tragedy.” – Publishers Weekly

Andy Lembo is bent on becoming the starting catcher on a talent-packed varsity baseball team in his senior year at a new high school–whereas his brother Daniel, still a junior, is a shoe-in to be the team’s ace. With his 88-mile-per-hour fastball, Daniel has Major League scouts drooling. The brothers are tight and share a dream of winning thcover design gold stare state championship. They also share painful memories of child abuse. But Andy carries extra burdens, from panic attacks to a shaky relationship with their father. Then there’s that burn scar covering half of Andy’s face and the bully who won’t leave Andy alone. Chock-full of nail-biting baseball games, the Panthers are inching toward the division championship. But then Andy loses his biggest supporter in a freak accident and he blames himself for what happened. His emotions raw, Andy quits the baseball team and school, while his father calls him a loser. Eventually, a treasured memory coaxes Andy to attempt a challenging comeback. Andy must find the strength to go the distance–for himself, but also for his brother and their shared dream. All proceeds from the sale of the electronic and print versions of this book will support the Sunshine Foundation.

Whispering Minds

whispering mindsWhispering Minds by A.T. O’Connor. The first novel by Elephant’s Bookshelf Press, published November 1, 2013.

By day, a terrifying blackness eats at Gemini Baker’s memories. Her nights are filled with unsettling dreams.

After the death of her beloved granny, seventeen-year-old Gemi is left with parents more interested in gambling than paying the bills, a best guy friend who’s looking for love at a time when she has none to give and a dark childhood secret that just might be the key to her sucky life.

During her search for answers, Gemi turns to her cyber friends for support and quickly learns that nobody is who they seem. Not her granny, her friends or even herself. As her blackouts increase in frequency, a threat on her life has Gemi on the run…if only she can remember long enough to keep herself alive.

Available for Kindle and in paperback. Other electronic versions are also available via Smashwords.

A limited number of hardcover versions are available direct from the publisher; inquiries and requests may be sent to