Artists and Editors

Our elephant logo was designed by Heather Smith of Little Monster Portraits. A Hoboken, N.J.-based artist, Heather can be reached at

We have been fortunate to work with several very talented artists on our covers as well. Kirk DuoPonce of DogEared Designs created the cover for Battery Brothers. Kirbi Fagan created the illustration for Billy Bobble Makes a Magic Wand and Billy Bobble and the Witch Hunt, which Charlee Hoffman used for the cover. Charlee also created the covers for Whispering Minds and Winter’s Regret. Sarah Tregay created the illustration and cover for Tales from the Bully Box and created the cover for Lost Wings.

Our anthologies have enjoyed the editorial oversight of several talented copy editors. Robb Grindstaff held the reins on the copy for Spring Fevers, while Jean Oram served in the same capacity for The Fall. Laura Carlson copy edited what became Summer’s Edge and Summer’s Double Edge. Winter’s Regret saw a trio of copy editors: Kieran Kern, Josh Risner, and Matt Sinclair. In addition to serving as the anthology editor, Cat Woods also served as copy editor; Matt Sinclair copy edited her pieces in the anthology.

Lastly, Rob Bruno is responsible for our new mobile-friendly website design. Learn more about him and his other projects at