Meet Pachelbelle 

Our pachyderm has a name. The name was the result of our first contest at EBP. Thank you, Leigh Teale, for your suggestion.

We will do more contests in the future and there’s now an address for that purpose: contests[at sign] elephantsbookshelfpress[dot]com.

We’ll tweet out when there’s a contest and share that news in as many ways as we can. Until then, feel free to admire our elephant, created by Hoboken-based artist Heather Smith.


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14 thoughts on “Contests

  1. Some additional suggestions have come through via email:

    Tembo (a Swahili word for elephant)
    Ella (from a 5-year old)
    Pinkie (from a 3-year old)
    Tanka (from the father of the 5- and 3-year olds)

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