Welcome to EBP in 2018!

Welcome to 2018! Fresh off the successes of EBP’s five-year anniversary, we entered the new year with optimism and a renewed vision for where we are heading. We even opened the year with a new book, which launches our nonfiction division.

Which the Days Never Know: A year in Vietnam by the numbers, by Don McNamara, is the latest in the herd. But it’s also the first of its kind, at least for Elephant’s Bookshelf Press.

Published on January 13, 2018 — fifty years to the day (and even the day of the week!) of the author’s return home after his year of service in Vietnam — Which the Days Never Know is a memoir of sorts. It doesn’t read like a memoir; it is more like “nonfiction poetry.” But it also mixes in moments of imagination (not exactly fiction), told in a manner that at first appears dry but soon engages the reader.

Described by the author, a retired college English professor and journalist, as “verse memoir,” Which the Days Never Know is currently available only in paperback. We’ll have an ebook version available soon.

In fact, readers who purchase the paperback before the electronic version is available can receive a free ebook direct from the publisher. Simply send an email to matt@elephantsbookshelfpress.com or publisher@elephantsbookshelfpress.com. We’ll make sure you receive your free copy. All we’ll need to do is confirm that you ordered the paperback.

But there’s a lot more in the works for 2018. We’re working on an omnibus edition of our successful “Seasons Series” of anthologies that launched the company back in 2012. It will be an electronic-only edition of the short stories from Spring Fevers, The Fall, Summer’s Edge and Summer’s Double Edge, and Winter’s Regret, all in one collection.

We also have other projects in the planning stages, so 2018 should be a busy year!

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