Welcome to EBP

Elephant's Bookshelf PressWelcome to Elephant’s Bookshelf Press. We’re a traditional publisher of fiction and (eventually) nonfiction. Quality writing is the mainstay at EBP, and we pride ourselves on finding literary gems that might otherwise be overlooked.

We’re working on several projects for 2017, with our first urban fantasy novel, Lost Wings by Don M. Vail, being finalized for spring release. We also have a Vietnam-era memoir being prepared for the late summer/early fall. But that’s just two of the books we’re working on right now.

Last fall, we published the second Billy Bobble novel: Billy Bobble and the Witch Hunt, by R.S. Mellette. We’re so pleased to share the gorgeous cover for Witch Hunt, illustrated by the wonderful Kirbi Fagan. She was also created the illustration for Billy Bobble Makes a Magic Wand, so we were thrilled that she was available to continue her relationship with Billy and Suzy. Check out this fantastic cover!

Billy Bobble Final Ebook

I’m also finalizing some other other developments that are just weeks away from being revealed. I’m very excited about what we have in the works, because they represent expansion of what we do at EBP. I hope you’ll all love the changes that are in the offing!

So stay tuned to Elephant’s Bookshelf Press, where we love to trumpet about great writers and great stories. Keep coming back to see what we’re raising our trunk for next!

Matt Sinclair