Publishing Philosophy

• Elephant’s Bookshelf Press produces electronic-format and print-on-demand books. We are not distributing to traditional brick-and-mortar bookstores at this time, and probably never will. We believe our approach is more cost-effective and environmentally sensible (elephants need a good savannah or jungle in which to roam). It also enables us to publish high-quality works that might otherwise not attract a large publisher or have a massive built-in audience, such as short story anthologies.

• Elephant’s Bookshelf Press does not pay advances, but we have what we believe is a generous writer-centered model for royalty payments. We discuss it with authors whose work we are seriously considering publishing.

• We expect authors to be involved in their careers. This includes major decisions such as manuscript changes, cover design, and promotional choices. Your name goes on the book, too, and most readers will probably remember yours more than ours. You should have a say in the process.


*Because elephants have long memories, EBP publishes writing you’ll never forget. *