About Us

Elephant’s Bookshelf Press published its first book in 2012; Abigail Bindle and the Slambook Scam is its tenth book. In its brief history, it has helped launch the writing careers of more than a half dozen previously unpublished authors. To date, it has published the debut novels of three authors.


  • Spring Fevers
  • The Fall


  • Summer’s Edge
  • Summer’s Double Edge
  • Whispering Minds; YA novel


  • Winter’s Regret
  • Battery Brothers
  • Tales From the Bully Box
  • Billy Bobble Makes a Magic Wand


  • Horrors: Real, Imagined, and Deadly


  • Billy Bobble and the Witch Hunt
  • Urban Fantasy anthology
  • Lost Wings

If requesting permission to use a story, please contact us at permissions@elephantsbookshelfpress.com.