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Horrors Real Imagined and Deadly

Horrors Real Imagined and DeadlyOur latest anthology, Horrors: Real, Imagined, and Deadly, explores the realm of fear and sorrow. A dozen stories to chill your spine — or possibly make you chuckle if you’re that kind of horror fan.

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Billy Bobble Makes a Magic Wand

Billy BobbleBilly Bobble Makes a Magic Wand by R.S. Mellette; published in December 2014. Twelve-year-old Billy Bobble and his best friend Suzy Quinofski didn’t mean to change the universe. Billy, a quantum physics prodigy, just wanted to find a way to help his hoarding, schizophrenic mother – and maybe impress a coven of older girls in high school. Suzy, his intellectual equal, wanted to help her friend and cling to her last remnant of childhood, a belief in magic. Together they made Billy a real, working, magic wand, and opened a door to the Quantum World where thoughts create reality, and all things – good and bad – are possible.

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Tales from the Bully Box

Tales from the Bully BoxTales from the Bully Box, edited by Cat Woods; released in the fall of 2014. Bullying stinks, but knowing what to do about it can make things better. In Tales from the Bully Box, young readers will find short stories about kids just like them. They get bullied, and sometimes they even bully. But most of the time, they are bystanders who have to figure out what to do when they witness the bullying all around them.

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Battery Brothers

battery brothersBattery Brothers, by Steven Carman; released March 30, 2014. “Friday Night Lights meets baseball in this edgy coming-of-age story about overcoming adversity and personal tragedy.” – Publishers Weekly

Andy Lembo is bent on becoming the starting catcher on a talent-packed varsity baseball team in his senior year at a new high school–whereas his brother Daniel, still a junior, is a shoe-in to be the team’s ace. With his 88-mile-per-hour fastball, Daniel has Major League scouts drooling. The brothers are tight and share a dream of winning the state championship. They also share painful memories of child abuse. But Andy carries extra burdens, from panic attacks to a shaky relationship with their father. Then there’s that burn scar covering half of Andy’s face and the bully who won’t leave Andy alone. Chock-full of nail-biting baseball games, the Panthers are inching toward the division championship. But then Andy loses his biggest supporter in a freak accident and he blames himself for what happened. His emotions raw, Andy quits the baseball team and school, while his father calls him a loser. Eventually, a treasured memory coaxes Andy to attempt a challenging comeback. Andy must find the strength to go the distance–for himself, but also for his brother and their shared dream.

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All proceeds from the sale of the electronic and print versions of this book will support the Sunshine Foundation.

Winter’s Regret

winter's regretWinter’s Regret: What Might Have Been, released February 28, 2014.
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Whispering Minds

whispering mindsWhispering Minds by A.T. O’Connor. The first novel by Elephant’s Bookshelf Press, published November 1, 2013.

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Summer’s Edge & Summer’s Double Edge

summer-covers-joinedSummer’s Edge
, released July 2013.
Available via Amazon for Kindle ($2.99) and in print ($7.99).

Summer’s Double Edge, released July 2013.
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The Fall: Tales from the Apocalypse

The FallThe Fall: Tales from the Apocalypse, released October 29, 2012 while Hurricane Sandy raged through New Jersey.

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Spring Fevers

spring feversSpring Fevers, released February, 2012.

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